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BadboE & Prosper - Get Your Boogie On EP

Oh! It's the one like Badboe back to cause some havoc on our charts this week, and his return comes in the shape of three tasty floor bruisers that'll no doubt appeal across the board. First up, "Get Your Boogie On" manages to balance a sweet r&b vocal with crankin, Ice Cube-style rapping under a rolling, electro sort of groove. Prosper features on both of the following two tunes; "How Funk Is Your Chicken" is a vintage cruiser, all flashy hip-hop breaks and 80s vocalism, while "Gimme What You Got" takes the tempo right down to true hip-hop levels, sounding a little like the Black Eyes Peas back when they were on form. Yessah!
/Juno Review

2017-07-20 | 5